Exhibition at the XXVI FIDE Congress – University of Copenhagen

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Exhibition at the XXVI FIDE Congress

A commercial exhibition was arranged in conjunction to the congress. The exhibition took place at Tivoli Congress Center and was open during congress hours, 29 – 31 May 2014. The exhibition was integrated with the catering services and was thus an excellent exhibition window towards the 450 delegates. The programme structure ensured that the participants was led through the exhibition during all breaks. This meant that there was excellent opportunities for dialogue between exhibitors and congress participants.

Stand Information

Stands were sold in increments of minimum 3 m x 2 m (6 sqm) and all stands included:

  • One free congress registration per stand
  • Product or company name in the onsite conference guide
  • Product or company logo on the conference website
  • Daily cleaning of aisles and common areas
  • General lighting for all the event areas
  • Power & WiFi

Price – space only

6 sqm space DKK 16,000
9 sqm space DKK 18,000
18 sqm space DKK 25,000
6 sqm space with 2 chairs/one table DKK 18,750
9 sqm space with 2 chairs/one table DKK 20,750

Price including shell schemes

  • Standard wall division (2.5 m) – 25 mm thick, foam filled panels)
  • 1 spot per 3 sqm
  • Carpeting (grey)
  • 1 signboard, excl. text (25 mm thick, foam filled panels, 25 cm)

6 sqm booth DKK 18,000
9 sqm booth DKK 20,000

All exhibitors were subject to the Exhibition Terms.
Please note: all prices were exclusive of VAT.

Exibition Stand